Azovelektrostal LLC, Mariupol, Donetsk region

The company was established on the basis of the steel shop of the Azovmash association. Specializes in the production of forging and pipe ingots, continuous billets, large and small wagon casting, shaped casting for heavy, energy and transport engineering.

The enterprise includes a steel-smelting shop with electric arc furnaces DSV and DSP with a capacity of 12 and 30 tons, as well as an electric steel-smelting complex with a capacity of up to 450 thousand tons of continuous billets per year.

The complex consists of an electric arc furnace with a capacity of 60 tons with modern gas cleaning, a ladle furnace, a vacuum cleaner, a machine for continuous casting of billets, all the equipment of the Italian company STG. To clean the flue gases in the shop, a gas purifier of the TECOAER 1xFM 160/7 / 2×9 / 20 type with a filtration area of ​​10128 m2 has been installed.

Hose and electrostatic precipitators, cyclones, filter-ventilation units, smoke extractors-dust collectors and biological-absorption units are used for purification of aspiration air.

Gas cleaning on the basis of the bag filter provides cleaning of industrial gases to the residual dustiness no more than 20 mg / m3 that is twice below the maximum allowable norm. The cost of construction of the gas treatment plant under the STG Group project amounted to UAH 67 million.

Emissions of pollutants “AzovElectroStal” are less than 1% of the citywide in Mariupol.

Since 2014, the company periodically has long downtimes.